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About us

Shinano Kenshi (parent company in Japan)

The story of Shinano Kenshi began in 1918, when Yukinori Kaneko established Shinano Spun Silk Spinning Co., Ltd. in Nagano prefecture of Japan. At the time, industrialized spun silk production was considered as a high-tech industry. Over the years, the company added additional products and services and explored other industrial markets to keep pace with a changing world.

In 1962, the company established an Electrical Department primarily for the manufacturing of small precision motors. In the early 1970's, they introduced fan motors for air conditioning machines, geared motors for copiers, and produced electronic equipment. In 1973, the company changed its name to Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. To reflect a more diverse product offering and marked the ongoing evolution of the company's expansion and globalization.

Today Shinano Kenshi products include precision electric motors, industrial system equipment, and life assistive technologies. Offices and manufacturing centers are located in Japan, China, Hong Kong, USA, Belgium, Thailand and India.

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Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)

Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd. is the Southeast Asian sales subsidiary of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd. is an industrial leader for precision motors. Variety of products include both of standardized products and specialized products. Standardized products include Plexmotion products, such as hybrid stepping motors and driver/controller package, hybrid stepping motors with integrated driver/controller and gear box etc. Specialized products include brushless fan motors, servo motors and customized motor assemblies. Shinano Kenshi Trading Co., Ltd. develops new markets and new customers in ASEAN countries where their economic growth keeps fastest pace in the world.

Shinano Kenshi factories in China and Japan manufacture about 2.5 million brushless DC motors and 2 million hybrid stepping motors every month. Our motors are used by major leading manufacturers around the globe and can be found in home appliances, office equipment, factory automation equipment, PC peripherals, digital office equipment, medical devices, security surveillance, telecommunication equipment, automobiles, bar code printers/POS system and more.

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Plexmotion™ products

Shinano Kenshi is adding value to customers' products by the most suitable suggestion from the viewpoint of motor expert. Our offer spreads from simple motor unit to optimized modules, systematized units including power supply, controlling unit and mechanical components. Plexmotion products are now introduced and supplied to Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and India through our own sales subsidiaries within 2 weeks lead time.

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PlexLogger is a high-speed visual data logging system that combines a camera, data logging software, and a monitor in one convenient portable package. It provides synchronous recording and playback of high-speed video images for a variety of on-site analysis. PlexLogger is capable of synchronously recording events that are invisible to the naked eye as occurs in product development environments and production sites. PlexLogger allows you to see momentary events in slow motion and more, capture both high-speed video images and data waveforms concurrently. It is ideal for use in various fields such as automotive, precision machinery, high-sped manufacturing, product R&D and development and during academic research.

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*Plexmotion is a trademark of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.
*PLEXLOGGER is a trademark of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.